Bartending Supplies

Mixology Student: Please take a look at the list below of my required and recommended supplies. Requirements and recommendations are based on your individual mixology class/event so please refer to your supply list to confirm what you actually need.

Students signed up for a mixology class must have the following:

  • a cocktail shaker
  • muddler
  • 1-2 jiggers
  • strainer

 Recommended but not required:

  • bar spoon

About Shakers

A good shaker is key for a good cocktail! My favorite and go to is a Boston shaker, a shaker made up of a large metal tin cup and a glass pint glass. A stainless steel shaker also works well and tends to work better for beginners. Sometimes the lid gets stuck on the steel shakers, but it can be eventually worked and twisted off with a towel (not ideal if you are bartending).

Below is a list of reasonably priced shakers I've put together from a few sites including amazon. They are more economically and reasonably priced for beginners. 

Mason Jar Shaker Lids (jar not included)

available at Mason Jar Lifestyle

$8.99 for quantities of 5-14