Custom Illustrations

Send me a photo and I'll illustrate it. Line by line.

My goal is to capture the essence of the image. To do that I focus on the part that makes your image special.

My process involves careful observation, refining, and patience. I digitally draw, line by line, using a Wacom tablet. While drawing I experiment with different qualities of line and work to find the right balance of subject and details.

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What makes this a good deal?

Illustrations are individually quoted and start at $75 per figure (person, pet, teddy bear, etc.) Price depends on image complexity and how quickly it is needed. Turn around time varies, view listings for current turn around time.

Quoted price includes a custom illustration, a high quality print, a digital file for home printing, and personal use rights. Your file allows you to print more copies at your leisure. The included personal use rights permit you to print onto other surfaces like mugs and t-shirts, as long as you don't sell them. Commercial use rights are available for purchase.

If you'd like a quote for 1+ figures or a commercial license, please complete the form below or email me at


Aren't there apps that can do this for cheaper or free?

Kind of... but no, not really. There are apps that you can use to apply a "drawing" filter but it is no where near the precision and quality of the custom illustrations I offer. This is very much like a hand drawing except that instead of using a pencil and eraser I use a Wacom drawing tablet. The tablet allows me to digitally draw, erase, and reshape each line I make (also known as vectors). Technically this is called vector drawing.

This is a time consuming task, I do not use shortcut apps. I use Adobe Illustrator to draw and Photoshop for color/painting. Due to these needs and its complexity, I can only offer a few illustrations per month.

A Perfect Gift For:

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Relatives

  • Friends

  • Co-Workers

  • New Parents

  • Pet Owners

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