Custom Illustration Terms

Updated on 10/15/18

How It Works

  1. Make your purchase.

  2. Email your high quality photo(s) to:

  3. You receive a confirmation (or a resubmission request) once we've received and approved your photo.

  4. You receive a design proof in about 1 week.

  5. You approve the design proof or request changes. We offer 2 minor revisions, free of charge. 

  6. Once you officially "APPROVE" the final design, your illustration will be sent within 3 business days. If your order includes a print, it will not be printed and shipped until we receive your final approval.

Image Requirements

If you are unsure of which pictures will work best, contact us and we will help you!

Digital images are preferred. However if you would like to send us your photo and have us scan it, contact us and we'll make arrangements it. Email your photo(s) or contact us for photo inquiries at

Photo Criteria:

  • A digital image in one of the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, or PSD.

  • A clear, in-focus, high quality image.

  • Scanned photos must be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Figure(s) should fill up at least 40% of the photograph.

Digital File & Copyright

  • Your custom illustration purchase includes a digital file of the illustration. This means you MAY print more copies of your illustration, for personal use only. You can even have t-shirts made and mugs made, you just can't sell them.

  • KITA BONITA RETAINS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR ALL ILLUSTRATIONS & DESIGNS MADE AND SOLD. You are not allowed to resell our illustrations or any parts of it without permission. Commercial use of any kind is not permitted and we retain all rights to all illustrations we make and sell. Please contact us if wish to add commercial rights to your illustration purchase.

  • Lastly, please make sure you own or are granted rights to illustrate any photographs you send us.

Processing Time

On average, custom illustrations take from 2-4 weeks to process before shipping. Processing greatly depends on:

  • How busy we are.

  • The quality and complexity of your image.

  • The number of revisions requested.


  • Prices are based on the number of figures, paper, size, and special requests.

About the Paper

  • If your order includes a print, you will have a choice of printing onto a standard bright white cardstock or a soft white acid-free paper.

  • The soft white acid-free paper is a high quality Canson Edition 250 gram paper in "Bright White." The Canson paper is free of optical brightness additives, so this "Bright White" is not as white as everyday US Letter bleached paper. It is more of a soft white.

  • For more information click here.


  • Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor and the printer.

  • NO REFUNDS. This is a custom, made-to-order illustration, there are no refunds and exchanges. Please contact us immediately if you are unsatisfied at

  • By making a purchase you agree to the terms and conditions as indicated above and on our website. Please read these before making your purchase.

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